Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge): The lowest submerged bridge in Shimanto. Scenery that becomes one with nature│Kochi Japan

Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge) is a special bridge that is part of the beautiful scenery of the Shimanto River.

This bridge symbolizes the Shimanto River and has captivated many people with its beauty and unique design.

The natural beauty of the Shimanto River and the charm of Sada Submerged Bridge, which stands at the center of it, will make you want to visit.


Overview of “Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge)”

Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge) is a special bridge that spans the beautiful scenery of the Shimanto River.

This bridge is part of the symbolic scenery of the Shimanto River, and was designed to be submerged underwater, without railings, to prevent it from being washed away when the water rises.

Therefore, you can see the scenery and nature of Shimanto from the bridge. The scenery of the blue Shimanto River and submerged bridge surrounded by green mountains can be said to be typical of the Shimanto River.

The Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge), the longest downstream river, is the most popular among tourists on the Shimanto River, and is crowded with tourists during the season.

Access to Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge) is convenient, and can be reached in about 15 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bicycle from Nakamura Station.

As it is the longest submerged bridge at the downstream end of the Shimanto River, it is easily accessible and easy to visit for tourists.

■Bridge specifications
Constructed in 1972. Total length: 291.6 meters Width: 4.2 meters

Other submerged bridges on the Shimanto River

There are other submerged bridges in the main basin of the Shimanto River: Misato, Takase, Katsuma, Kuchinoya, Iwama, Chosei, Nakahanya, and Hanya, all of which offer views typical of the Shimanto River.

The submerged bridge over the Shimanto River is worth visiting as a special place where you can feel the relationship between the river and people.

“Sada Submerged Bridge (Imanari Bridge)” and surrounding information

InfoSada Subsidence Bridge (Imanari Bridge)
 Sada, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture

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