Mt. Haruna Road: A scenic drive route towards the beautiful lakeside and Mt. Haruna│Gunma Japan

Mt. Haruna Road is an attractive access road to Mt. Haruna.

This road is an exquisite combination of winding roads and straight roads, bringing fun and excitement to drivers, and is also famous for being the model for Mt. Akina, the setting for the manga ”Initial D”.


Overview and characteristics of Mt. Haruna Road

The Mt. Haruna Road is a wonderful driving route that leads to Mt. Haruna, one of the three Jomo mountains.

This beautiful road starts from Ikaho Onsen and continues to the foot of Mt. Haruna.

From Nagamine Park and Takane Observation Deck, you can see the mountains of Joshu including Mt. Akagi.

The road maintains a perfect balance between winding and straight roads, and suddenly the visibility opens up and you are greeted with an expansive view.

Although the distance of Mt. Haruna Road is short, its beauty and driving pleasure are exquisite.

Jomo Sanzan refers to three mountains: Mt. Akagi, Mt. Myogi, and Mt. Haruna. Mt. Haruna is also called “Haruna Fuji” because of its beautiful conical shape, and its presence is overwhelming.

Mt. Haruna and Lake Haruna

Lake Haruna stretches out at the end of Mt. Haruna Road, and its beauty is overwhelming.

If you use the ropeway (external site) that departs from the lakeside, you can reach the summit of the mountain at an altitude of 1,391m in just 3 minutes.

From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and Lake Haruna.

You can enjoy sightseeing boats and boats at Lake Haruna, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of each season.

Basic information about Mt. Haruna Road

InfoMt. Haruna Road
 Harunako Town, Takasaki City,
 Gunma Prefecture

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