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Dorogawa Onsen, located in Nara Prefecture, is known as an unexplored area with a beautiful harmony of nature and history.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the charms of Dorogawa Onsen, introducing its overview, hot spring town, natural beauty, and local culture.

Dorogawa Onsen is the perfect place for a peaceful weekend adventure in Nara Prefecture.


Overview and characteristics of Dorogawa Onsen

Dorogawa Onsen is located in Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture, and is known as the trailhead for Mt. Omine and Mt. Sanjogatake, as well as Mt. Onnajin Omine and Mt. Inamuragatake.

Spread out on a highland approximately 820 meters above sea level, it is a cool mountain village where nature and history are in harmony.

This hot spring area is dotted with more than 20 Japanese-style wooden inns and guesthouses, souvenir shops, and stores that manufacture and sell Daranisukemaru.

Mt. Omine is a mountain where women are not allowed to practice ascetic practices, and while it is crowded with ascetics and pilgrims in the summer, it is closed in the winter due to the harsh cold.

A slope car, which is rare in Kansai, provides access to the limestone cave, making it an attractive tourist attraction for tourists.

Hot spring town

The hot spring town of Dorogawa Onsenkyo is lined with beautiful traditional Japanese-style wooden buildings, offering visitors a harmonious combination of Japanese tradition and natural scenery.

The approach to Mt. Omine, which runs through the center of the town, enhances the beauty of the landscape and makes a stay here very relaxing.

Traditional ryokans and guesthouses embody the spirit of Japanese hospitality by offering relaxing Japanese-style rooms and delicious local cuisine.

You can also soak in hot springs at many accommodations, and enjoy the benefits of the hot springs.

Ryusenji Temple

Ryusenji Temple is located across the river from the hot spring town.

Within the shrine grounds, clear water gushes out from a spring called “Ryu no Kuchi“, and is “consideredwater of purification” for ascetic ascetics.

A pond spreads out beyond this clear water, and is considered the primary watering place on Mt. Omine. There is also a hall called the Eight Great Ryuo-do Hall, which is visited by pilgrims.

Regardless of their sect, Shugenja who climb Mt. Omine from Dorogawa have a custom of performing a water ritual at Ryusen-ji Temple and praying to the Eight Great Dragons for safety on the way.

Ryusenji Temple
 494 Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture(MAP)
Telephone number

Gorogoro water

The “Gorogoro water” that gushes out from Godaisho Limestone Cave, which is located along the approach from Dorogawa Onsenkyo to Seijo Ohashi Bridge, the starting point for climbing Mt. Omine, is cherished by the locals.

The name comes from the fact that Engyoja drank water here while descending from Mt. Omine, and heard a sound like pebbles rolling from the depths of the cave.

Dorogawa is a karst topography formed by upheaval of limestone strata, and has a unique topography that allows clear water to gush out.

Gorogoromizu is a famous spot that has been certified as one of Japan’s 100 best waters by the Ministry of the Environment as part of the Dorogawa Spring Group.

Gorogoro water” is also sold in plastic bottles, but there are also water stations.

Gorogoro Chaya/Gorogoro Water Sampling Area
 686-139 Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture(MAP)
 500 yen (including parking fee)

Basic information about “Dorogawa Onsen”

InfoDorogawa Onsen
 Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture
Parking lot
 Parking available (Dorogawa Onsen Center)

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