Roadside Station Myogi: Located on Mt. Myogi in Gunma, a place where tourist attractions and local charm intersect│Gunma


Overview of “Roadside Station Myogi”

Roadside Station Myogi is a roadside station located on Gunma Prefectural Route 196 Kamikosaka Yotsuya Myogi Line in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture.

This place is located at the foot of the world’s famous mountain, Mt. Myogi, and in the surrounding area are Myogi Shrine, a nationally designated important cultural property, and Momiji-no-Yu, a day-trip bathing facility.

It is also easily accessible from the World Heritage Site Tomioka Silk Mill and Karuizawa, one of Japan’s leading resort areas, and is a place with beautiful scenery.

Roadside Station Myogi has a wide selection of fresh local vegetables and other agricultural and forestry products, and is a place where visitors can fully enjoy the charm of the area. Blessed with the beautiful natural environment of Mt. Myogi, it is an attractive roadside station, Myogi, where you can enjoy sightseeing spots and local ingredients.

Mt. Myogi

Mt. Myogi is one of the mountains that represents Gunma Prefecture, and is considered one of the three Jomo mountains.

It is ranked along with Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna, and is characterized by its beauty and rough rock surface.

Located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, the highest peak is Mt. Soma on the Omote-Myogi Ridge, reaching 1,104 meters.

The scenery seen from Mt. Myogi changes with the seasons, offering a spectacular view of the Kanto Plain.

Myogi Shrine (12 minutes walk)

Myogi Shrine is located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, and is enshrined halfway up Mt. Myogi.

Mt. Myogi is a mountain that represents Gunma Prefecture, and this shrine is located at its foot. It has been the center of faith on Mt. Myogi since ancient times, and has attracted many people of faith.

Additionally, you can see the beautiful scenery of Mt. Myogi from the shrine grounds, making it worth a visit.

Myogiyama Shrine
 Myogi 6, Myogi-cho, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture

Basic information about “Roadside Station Myogi”

InfoRoadside station Myogi
 322-7 Dake, Myogicho, Tomioka City,
 Gunma Prefecture
Business hours
Regular holidays
 Open every day in April, May, October,
 and November In other months,
 closed on the 3rd Wednesday of the
 month, etc. Year-end
Parking lot
 89 regular cars, 8 large cars

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Surrounding touring spots


Roadside Station Myogi” is a roadside station located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Myogi.

The surrounding area is dotted with rich natural scenery and tourist spots such as Myogi Shrine and Momiji-no-Yu, and is also close to tourist spots such as Tomioka Silk Mill and Karuizawa.

Here you can find a wide variety of fresh local agricultural and forestry products, and enjoy the charm of the area to the fullest.

Another attraction is the beautiful natural scenery of Mt. Myogi and the spectacular view of the Kanto Plain.

When you visit Roadside Station Myogi, please enjoy not only the charm of Mt. Myogi, but also the surrounding tourist spots, local ingredients, and recommended experiences tailored to the season and time of day.

Enjoy a wonderful trip at Roadside Station Myogi, where you can fully experience the charm of Gunma Prefecture.

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