Hakusui Dam (Hakusui Tameike Dam): Japan’s most beautiful water facility│Oita Japan

Hakusui Dam (Hakusui Tameike Dam) is one of Japan’s beautiful water facilities located in Takeda City, Oita Prefecture.

It is admired by many tourists and researchers for its beauty and special history.

Why not consider visiting Hakusui Dam as a hidden gem in Oita Prefecture?


Overview and characteristics of Hakusui Dam

Hakusui Dam was built to resolve the water shortage on Fujioji Road, which flows through Takeda City and Ogata District, Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture.

One of the features of this dam is that there is a curved channel at the end of the right bank and a step-like channel at the end of the left bank, which adjusts the water flow.

According to Japan’s River Law, anything with a levee height of 15 m or more is considered a dam, so Shiramizu Tameike Dam, which has a levee height of 13.9 m, is not officially a dam.

The beauty of the water flow on the dam

The ground around Takeda City is fragile due to the volcanic geology around Mt. Aso, so measures have been taken to prevent the foundations of the dam from collapsing when water falls.

As a result, the water flow of Hakusui Dam and the channels on either side create a beautiful landscape, which is highly praised by researchers. This dam also appears in a commercial for Oita Mugi Shochu Nikaido.

Basic information about Hakusui Dam

Basic InfoHakusui Dam (Hakusui Tame Pond Dam)
 9792 Tsugikura, Takeda City,
 Oita Prefecture
Parking lot
・Hakusui Dam left bank parking lot
SpecificationsDam type
 gravity concrete dam
Bank height
 13.9 m
Length of embankment top
 87.26 m
Basin area
 96.4 km²
Flooded area
Total water storage capacity
 600,000 m³

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Hakusui Dam (Hakusui Tameike Dam), located in Takeda City, Oita Prefecture, is the pride of Japan’s natural beauty and technology, and is a place that has proven its beauty and importance.

This gravity concrete dam is known for its beautiful stone exterior and unique structure that regulates water flow, providing visitors with a beautiful view.

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