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Overview of “Roadside Station Chichibu”

Chichibu Roadside Station is located in the center of Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, along National Route 140.

It is loved by many tourists as the cornerstone of Chichibuji tourism.

This facility is fully equipped with a restaurant where you can enjoy Chichibu’s specialty products and local cuisine, as well as ”Chichibu no Mizu”, a safe and delicious free drinking water facility.

Charm of facilities and food

Chichibu Roadside Station carries a wide selection of local specialties, souvenirs, and fresh vegetables purchased at the market.

In addition, at the restaurant Chichibu Soba Shoraku, you can enjoy traditional soba that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Chichibu region.

Particularly recommended are the walnut soup zaru soba and the rhododendron soba made with pickled rhododendron.

Furthermore, at Chichibu Shokudo, you can enjoy miso-marinated pork set meals, miso katsudon, and other dishes made with local ingredients.

“Chichibu no Mizu” uses the Urayama River, a tributary of the Arakawa River, and the underground water of Mt. Buko as its raw water, and is popular for being safe, secure, and delicious.

Basic information about “Roadside Station Chichibu”

InfoRoadside Station Chichibu
 4625 Omiya, Chichibu City,
 Saitama Prefecture
Business hours
Regular holidays

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Have a great trip with delicious food!

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Roadside Station Chichibu is a tourist hub that represents Chichibu City, and is used by many travelers as a place to enjoy Chichibu’s gourmet food and famous waters.

Roadside Station Chichibu is a must-see spot for enjoying sightseeing in Chichibu.

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