Nagatoro Iwatatami: A strange landscape along the Arakawa River! The wonders of Nagatoro Iwatatami│Saitama Japan


Nagatoro Iwatatami is a hidden area in Saitama Prefecture. Its strange topography and natural charm attract many tourists and nature lovers, and it is so valuable that it has been designated as a nationally designated scenic spot and natural monument.

Be sure to plan a trip to Nagatoro Iwatatami to enjoy its natural beauty and geological miracles.


Overview and characteristics of Nagatoro Iwatatami

Nagatoro Iwatatami is a nationally designated scenic spot and natural monument located in Saitama Prefecture.
The rock pavement stretches along the Arakawa River, approximately 50m wide and 600m long, and is geologically considered to be extremely rare.

Additionally, a stone monument has been erected at the nearby Saitama Prefectural Museum of Nature, marking it as the ”Birthplace of Japanese Geology“, making it worth a visit even for geology enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the Nagatoro area is also known as the “Window of the Earth” because it allows you to observe special topography up close.

There is a well-maintained promenade around the rock pavement, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable walk.

Nagatoro Iwatatami activities

Nagatoro Iwatatami is not only blessed with natural beauty, but also with a wealth of activities.
Canoeing, river rafting, etc. Sightseeing while feeling the clear waters of the Arakawa River is the best experience.

It is also known as a famous spot for autumn leaves, and the scenery is spectacular during the autumn leaves season.

Nagatoro Town Iwatatami Dori Shopping Street

The shopping street, about 400 meters from Iwadatami Mana from Chichibu Railway Nagatoro Station, is lined with souvenir shops and restaurants.

Nagatoro Iwatatami information

Basic InfoNagatoro Iwatatami
 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture
Business hours

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Surrounding touring spots


Nagatoro Iwatatami, a natural gem that spreads across Saitama Prefecture. Its beautiful rivers and rock walls, historical culture, and seasonal scenery provide visitors with fun and excitement.

Nagatoro Iwatatami is perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway, and is easily accessible from central Tokyo.

Please fully enjoy the charming scenery and activities at Nagatoro Iwatatami.

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