Enjoy the beauty of nature at Arima Dam, a scenic spot in Saitama│Saitama Japan

Arima Dam is one of the beautiful natural scenery that spreads across Saitama Prefecture.

The scenery created by the magnificent dam and the surrounding nature is a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of each season.

This time, we will introduce the charms of Arima Dam in Saitama.


Introduction and features of Arima Dam

Arima Dam is a multipurpose dam located in Shimonaguri, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture.
It was completed in 1986 and is proud of being the first dam managed by Saitama Prefecture.

The dam lake formed by this dam was named “Lake Naguri” and is known for its beauty.
Arima Dam plays the role of flood control, and the amount of water stored changes depending on the season.
The water level is particularly low during the summer.

Beautiful natural environment and walking courses

The area around Arima Dam is surrounded by beautiful nature, and there are walking courses.

You can enjoy the scenery that changes with the seasons while strolling along the shore of the dam lake and the surrounding forests.

Surrounding tourist facilities

Arima Dam offers activities that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

There are plenty of facilities where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, such as fishing, canoeing, and hot springs.

Arima Dam information

Arima Dam can be accessed by car or public transportation.
There are parking lots nearby, so access is not a problem.

Basic InfoArima Dam
 Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, 357-0112
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Surrounding touring spots


Arima Dam in Saitama Prefecture is loved by many people as a spot where you can enjoy natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Why not spend a pleasant time surrounded by the beautiful dam lake and surrounding nature?

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