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Takaya Shrine is a shrine located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, and it attracts tourists from all over Japan because of its unique presence and magnificent scenery.

It is also known as the filming location for the movie “Your Name, and its charms are wide-ranging.


Overview and features of the “Tenku no Torii” “Takaya Shrine”

Takaya Shrine is a shrine located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, and is located on the top of Mt. Inazumi at an altitude of 404 meters. In recent years, this shrine has become famous nationwide as Tenku no Torii(the torii gate in the sky), and it is constantly visited by tourists.

It has been selected as number 69 of the 88 Scenic Spots of Shikoku, and the view from the “Tenku no Torii” has been praised as a spectacular view.


Historically, Takaya Shrine is one of the Engishiki shrines, and was recorded as “Takaya Shrine, Katta District, Sanuki Province” during the Heian period.

The deities that are enshrined here include Shizukigi no Mikoto, Sakuyahime no Mikoto, and Hoshoku no Mikoto, and Hoshoku no Mikoto, the goddess of food, is also enshrined here.

Initially, Takaya Shrine was located on the top of the mountain, but it was moved to the middle of the mountain around 1600, and then to the foot of the mountain around 1760. However, the villagers were afraid of evil spirits, so in 1831, the main shrine was built again on the mountaintop.

Main shrine and Tenku-no-torii

Main shrine

To get to the main shrine of Takaya Shrine, take a 6km forest road from the prefectural road at the foot of the mountain, then walk about 150m from the parking lot.

This path is a long stone staircase with a total of 270 steps.

This path is surrounded by a mystical and tranquil atmosphere, inviting visitors to feel comfortable.

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