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Overview of Yanagawa River Kudari Sightseeing Street

Yanagawa in Fukuoka Prefecture is known as the city of water, and the Yanagawa river cruise is a symbol of this.

On this boat trip, you can enjoy a relaxing time as the boatman’s singing voice and the soothing sound of water harmonize together.

River rafting is a specialty of Yanagawa, and it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to leisurely cruise around the 4km long moat.

This boat trip, which became established as a tourist attraction around 1955, utilizes the moat of Yanagawa Castle, which was developed 400 years ago during the Edo period.

The river ride that appeared in the movie “Karatachi no Hana” attracted attention, and Yanagawa City began offering river rafting for tourists.

Currently, there are five shipping companies operating the cruise, and you can choose according to the course and time of day.

The appeal of river rafting is that you can enjoy the rows of willow trees and seasonal scenery as you board the boat.

You can enjoy the scenery created by nature, such as irises in early summer and autumn leaves and cosmos in autumn.

A river rafting trip where you can fully enjoy the charm of Yanagawa’s water while watching movies and experiencing history is a sightseeing spot worth visiting.

River rafting company

Yanagawa Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

329 Takahata, Mitsuhashi-cho, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-72-6177

Daito Enterprise Co., Ltd.

18-9 Josumicho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-72-7900

Suigo Yanagawa Tourism Co., Ltd.

1-6 Shimohyakucho, Mitsuhashi-cho, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-73-4343

Shimon Kanko Co., Ltd.

4-25 Shintocho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-72-8647

Yanagawa River Tourism Co., Ltd.

16-1 Okibatacho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-76-1550

Hakushumaru sightseeing

23 Okibatacho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-72-1060

Marue boat

16 Inaricho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0944-78-2772

Hakushu Kanko Co., Ltd.

1116-2 Takeshi Nishihama, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Basic information on “Yanagawa River Boat Tourist Street”

InfoYanagawa river cruise sightseeing street
 13-2 Inaricho, Yanagawa City,
 Fukuoka Prefecture

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