Golden Road: A historical road that spent so much money to cover the road with gold and faced such difficult obstacles│Hokkaido Japan

The Golden Road, located in Hokkaido, is a road that was opened despite historic difficulties and sacrifices.

In this article, we will introduce the history and characteristics of the Golden Road in detail.


Overview and characteristics of the Golden Road

The section runs from Sono, Erimo Town to Otonchotsu, Hiroo Town, and has a total length of approximately 33.5 kilometers.

It was built in a difficult location for traffic, and even today it is frequently closed due to bad weather, making it the road with the most traffic closures in summer and winter, the most of any national highway in Hokkaido.

History and origin of the name

The Golden Road is a historic road that was opened despite difficult construction and sacrifices.

In the past, the cliffs of the Hidaka Mountains approached the coast, making transportation difficult.

Therefore, the construction required a huge amount of money and time, and due to the difficulty, they spent so much money that they could ”cover it in gold“. Hence the name gold.

Basic information about “Golden Road”

InfoGolden Road (National Route 336)
 Erimo Town Sōno – Hiroo Town Onchotsu

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The Golden Road is known as a historical road that stood up to the ups and downs in Hokkaido.
This road, which was opened after difficult construction work cutting through the cliffs of the Hidaka Mountains, can be said to be worth the price of gold, as its name suggests.

However, its history also includes many victims, and monuments to those killed in the line of duty and traces of octopus labor still remain.
Even today, the Golden Road is known as a very difficult road, with frequent road closures due to falling rocks and bad weather.

When visiting Hokkaido, it is worth visiting the Golden Road to experience its history and natural beauty.

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