Mifuneyama Rakuen: A hidden scenic spot in Saga Prefecture that is filled with the harmony of nature and history│Saga

Mifuneyama Rakuen is located in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, where history and nature are in harmony.

This beautiful strolling garden with a pond is known as a famous spot for azaleas and autumn leaves in Japan, and the scenery of each season attracts visitors.

Mifuneyama Rakuen spreads out at the foot of Mifuneyama, the symbol of Takeo City, at an altitude of 210 meters, and its beauty continues to fascinate visitors throughout the seasons.


Overview of Mifuneyama Rakuen

Mifuneyama Rakuen is a beautiful garden located at the southwest foot of Mt. Mifune, located in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, at an altitude of 210 meters.

The history of this garden began as a villa garden called “Hagi no Oen” built by Shigeyoshi Nabeshima, the 28th lord of Takeo of the Saga domain.

Later, at the end of the Meiji period, further planting was carried out, creating the current landscape.

In 2010, it was designated as a nationally registered monument and a scenic spot, and its value has been praised both domestically and internationally.

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Of particular note is Mifuneyama Rakuen’s illumination of autumn leaves, which is one of the largest in Japan.

Its magnificent scale and beauty have captivated and moved many visitors as autumn approaches.

Basic information about “Mifuneyama Rakuen”

InfoMifuneyama Paradise
 4100 Oaza Takeo, Takeo-cho, Takeo City,
 Saga Prefecture
Business hours
 Day  8:00 – 17:30
 Night 17:30 – 22:00
Regular holidays
・Day or night
 Adults 600 yen, children 300 yen
・Common day and night
 900 yen for adults, 400 yen for children
 Parking available

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