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If you want to enjoy the natural beauty that spreads across Akita Prefecture to the fullest, we recommend the Kanpuzan Panorama Line.

This road is a beautiful road that stretches from the Akita Prefectural Route 54 branch to National Route 101, and was once operated as a toll road. It is currently available for free and is affectionately known by its nickname, “Kanpuzan Panorama Line“.


Overview and characteristics of Kanpuzan Panorama Line

The Kanpuzan Panorama Line runs around Mt. Kanpu, which is located at the base of the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture and has an altitude of 355 meters.

This road has gentle slopes and straight lines, making it easy to drive.

Additionally, the area around Mt. Kanpu has a low water retention capacity, with few tall trees and beautiful green fields in the summer.

This area has been used as grasslands and meadows since ancient times, and is also known for the mountain burning that takes place every April.

History and evolution of Kanpuzan Panorama Line

The Kanpuzan Panorama Line began operations in October 1961, and was subsequently opened to the public free of charge in September 1986.

Today, it is a popular road where anyone can easily visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The beauty of Mt. Kanpu in all seasons

The area around Mt. Kanpu offers beautiful scenery in all seasons. Especially in the summer, the grasslands are green, and in the fall, the leaves are beautiful.

In addition, you can enjoy the snowy scenery in winter, and the Kanpuzan Panorama Line offers a different charm depending on the season.

This scenic road is a must-visit for nature lovers and scenic drives.

Kanpuzan Panorama Line driving experience

Kanpuzan Panorama Line is a road filled with surprises and beauty.

This driving route runs from the base of the Oga Peninsula to the top of Mt. Kanpu, and takes advantage of the characteristics of a mountain road, and the drive through nature is sure to be truly relaxing.

Introduction of spectacular view points

The Kanpuzan panorama line is dotted with stunningly beautiful scenic spots. There is also a rotating observatory on the summit of Mt. Kanpu along the route, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view.

If the weather is good, you can see the surrounding scenery including the rice fields of Hachirogata, the beautiful coastline of the Sea of Japan, Mt. Chokai, and the Shirakami Mountains.

There are also many beautiful spots along the road, and it’s fun to take photos.

Basic information about “Kanpuzan Panorama Line”

Basic InfoKanpuzan panorama line
 Oga City, Akita Prefecture

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Surrounding touring spots


If you want to make the most of Akita Prefecture’s natural beauty and stunning scenery, the Mt. Kanpu Panorama Line is a must-see spot. In this article, we have introduced this fascinating road in detail.

When you visit, be sure to check out the nearby tourist attractions as well.
Also, be sure to include Mt. Kanpu Panorama Line in your travel plans for Akita Prefecture, as it is a place where you can enjoy Japan’s beautiful nature to the fullest.

For lovers of spectacular scenery and the outdoors, this is sure to be a memory of a lifetime.

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