Enjoy the Niseko Panorama Line! Spectacular drive from Shakotan Peninsula, Hokkaido│Hokkaido Japan

Introducing Hokkaido’s beautiful natural scenery and scenic drive spot “Niseko Panorama Line“.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the characteristics and highlights of the road, as well as the nearby tourist attractions.

Let’s enjoy the charm of Hokkaido while enjoying the spectacular view.


Overview of Niseko Panorama Line

If you want to enjoy Hokkaido’s vast natural scenery and beautiful driving courses, we recommend Hokkaido Route 66 “Niseko Panorama Line”.

This road is located at the base of the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido, and connects the resort area “Niseko” and Iwanai Town, and is a 40km long drive course that is perfect for enjoying a scenic drive.

About the course

Although the Niseko Panorama Line is classified as a mountain pass road, the curves are generally gentle, making it an easy ride while enjoying the spectacular views.

The highest point on the trail is Chisenupuri Pass, which is approximately 830m above sea level, and you may even encounter wild red foxes along the way.

Attractions around the course

At the end of this driving course are Shinsennuma, known as a power spot, and beautiful mountains called Mt. Yotei.

Also, although some parts of the road are closed during the winter, it becomes passable around Golden Week every year, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the melting snow.

Niseko Panorama Line is surrounded by Iwanai Town and the resort area “Niseko“, which is full of tourist attractions and activities. For more information, please visit the Niseko Tourism Association (external site) website.

You can also enjoy local gourmet food and souvenirs. Get in touch with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying Hokkaido’s scenic drive, including the Niseko Panorama Line.

Basic information about Niseko Panorama Line

Basic InfoNiseko Panorama Line
Section: Hokkaido Iwanai Town – Niseko Town

Restaurant search/reservation

Surrounding touring spots


Niseko Panorama Line is a scenic drive course in Hokkaido, with its gentle curves and beautiful scenery.

There are many sights to see, such as the power spot “Shinsen-numa” and “Mt. Yotei,” and around Golden Week, the winter road closures are lifted and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of melting snow.

There is also Iwanai Town and the resort area “Niseko” in the surrounding area, where you can enjoy sightseeing and activities.

Enjoy a wonderful road trip with the Niseko Panorama Line while enjoying Hokkaido’s natural beauty.

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