Naramachi: Exploring the historic streets where the charm of Japan’s ancient capital lives on│Nara


Overview of “Naramachi”

Naramachi, located in the center of Nara City (the area south of National Route 369), is an area where historic townscapes remain.

You can feel the traces of urban development since ancient times, and the landscape is filled with a sense of history.

A stylish cafe on a street

Naramachi is not only a place where you can enjoy local food, but also has a stylish cafe culture.

Street corners are dotted with shops that serve dishes made with local ingredients that respect tradition, while you can also enjoy stylish cafes that incorporate local culture and history.

There are also a variety of local beer shops, delicious seafood shops, and sake shops.

Basic information about “Naramachi”

 Nakaincho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
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Naramachi is a place where you can still feel the breath of the ancient capital.

Historical traces from ancient times remain, and the townhouses and architectural culture have been passed down to the present day.

While it is an attractive spot for tourists, it is important to maintain the landscape and address local issues.

A town that has both a good old atmosphere and a vision for the future, you can experience firsthand its charms and challenges.

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