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The Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes in Fukushima Prefecture are known for their beautiful lakes and diverse colors, and are a popular tourist attraction that was awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide.

In this article, we will explore in detail the history and characteristics of the Goshikinuma Lakes, attractive hiking trails, how the lakes change with the seasons and time, and things to keep in mind when visiting.

Get ready for an amazing experience of being in harmony with nature and experiencing the mystical beauty of the Goshikinuma Lakes.


Overview of “Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes”

The Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes are a mysterious natural treasure trove that spreads across Fukushima Prefecture.

This group of lakes was created in 1888 by the collapse of the Kobandai mountain on the north side of the summit of Mt. Bandai.

Hundreds of lakes and marshes were born in this area, including Bishamon-numa, Akanuma, Midoronuma, Ryunuma, Benten-numa, Rurinuma, Aonuma, and Yanaginuma.

Origin of “Goshikinuma”

What makes Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes a special place is the color of the lakes. A variety of colors can be seen, including emerald green, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, emerald blue, and pastel blue, which is where the name “Goshikinuma” comes from.

These colors change depending on the weather, season, angle, volcanic material, etc., making them worth visiting not just once, but many times.

In 2016, it was awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide, and its beauty has been internationally recognized.

The charm of Goshikinuma Nature Trail

To fully enjoy the Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes, we recommend the Goshikinuma Nature Trail.

This hiking trail is relatively flat and has a total length of approximately 4km. It takes about 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes one way.

The difficulty level is beginner, so anyone can enjoy it.

The course has two entrances, each with a parking lot and a local bus stop.

If you are visiting by car, we recommend walking one way and returning by local bus.

The course has few ups and downs, so it’s relatively easy to walk, but there are rocks and it can get muddy from rain, so you need to be careful where you step.

This area is designated as a “special protection area” within the national park, and collecting flora and fauna is prohibited.

For first-timers, we recommend using a trekking guide.


Changes due to season and time

Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of each season.

In the spring, the fresh greenery is vibrant, and in the summer, the lakes are lush and green. The beauty of the autumn leaves stands out in the fall, and the snowy scenery in the winter is enchanting.

The color of the lake changes depending on the time of day.

Even in the same lake, you can enjoy different colors in the morning and evening, and on sunny and cloudy days.

So new surprises await you every time you return.

Things to note when visiting

Proper preparation and equipment are required when visiting the Goshikinuma Lakes.

The weather can change quickly, so bring warm clothing and rain gear.

Also, as it is important to protect flora and fauna in this area, please avoid collecting or leaving trash behind at all costs.

Basic information about “Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes”

InfoGoshikinuma Lakes and Marshes
 Hinohara Kengamine, Kitashiobara Village,
 Yama District, Fukushima Prefecture

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