16 Rakan Rocks: Miracle of the Magaibutsu in Yamagata Prefecture│Yamagata Japan

16 Rakan Rocks is the collective name for 22 Magaibutsu statues located in Yusa Town, Yamagata Prefecture.

In this article, we will explore its mysterious beauty and history.

This mystical place in Yamagata Prefecture was created by the monk Kankai and combines fishing, faith, and the power of nature.

Let’s set out on a journey to explore its charms.


Overview and characteristics of “16 Rakan Rocks”

16 Rakan Rock is a special place located in Yuza-cho, Akumi-gun, Yamagata Prefecture.
This name refers to the collective name for the 22 Maganbutsu statues.

These Buddhist statues were built over five years by the 21st priest Kankai Osho of the local Fukiura Kaizenji Temple, praying for the prosperity of Buddhism, salvation for sentient beings, memorial services for fishermen, and safety at sea. (completed in 1868).

Later, in July 1871, Priest Kankai sacrificed himself to the Buddha and threw himself into the sea next to the 16 Arhat Rocks, ending his life.

Thanks to his achievements, the 16 Rakan Rocks have become Yamagata Prefecture’s precious historical heritage, symbolizing the connection between Buddhist beliefs and fishing. Due to the construction process and his faith, his name is etched in the history of the 16 rakan Rocks and is respected by many people.



Topographically, Yuza Town is located in the mountain range of Mt. Chokai, and the 16 Rakan Rock is made up of andesite lava formed by the eruption of Mt. Chokai.

This region is seismically active and has historically experienced many earthquakes.

Therefore, the effects of earthquakes can also be seen on the topography.

Tourist information

At “Sunset 16 Rakan” located in the parking lot of 16 Rakan Rock, the “ramen withflying fish soup stock” is popular.

There are also shops and souvenirs, making it a perfect spot for a break.

Sunset 16 rakan
 7-30 Fukiura Nishitate, Yusa-machi,
 Akumi-gun, Yamagata Prefecture (MAP)
Business hours
Telephone number

It is the starting point of the Yamagata River on the Chokai Blue Line, one of Japan’s 100 famous roads, so we recommend taking a drive there as well. Click here for the Chokai Blue Line article.

Basic information about “16 Rakan Rock”

Info16 Arhat Rocks
 Yamagata Prefecture, Akuumi District,
 Yusa Town, Fukiura Nishitate
Business hours
Parking lot
 Parking available
 Tel:0234-77-3330(Sunset 16 Arhats)

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