Maeshima Shokudo: The originator of Matsusaka chicken yakiniku! Exquisite chicken yakiniku presented by Maeshima Shokudo│Mie Japan

Maeshima Shokudo in Okochi Town is said to be the birthplace of Matsusaka chicken yakiniku.

By serving Matsusaka chicken yakiniku for the first time, its name spread and it became a well-loved restaurant.

This time, we will introduce the history, menu, crowd situation, and charm of Maeshima Shokudo in detail.

Let’s travel together to the world of Maeshima Shokudo, which can be said to be the cornerstone of Japanese grilled chicken culture.


Overview and features of Maeshima Shokudo

Maeshima Shokudo is a famous historical restaurant that started offering Matsusaka chicken yakiniku for the first time in Japan.

Founded in 1967 (Showa 42), its achievements led to the spread of chicken yakiniku in Matsusaka City.

Initially, it was enjoyed as a restaurant meal rather than a home-cooked meal.

The restaurant has about 50 seats, including counter seats, table seats, and a small raised area, where you can enjoy self-style yakiniku.

Maeshima Shokudo Menu

The charm of Maeshima Shokudo lies in its simple yet exquisite chicken yakiniku menu.

There are only four types on the menu: wakadori, rice, kimo, and seseri, and the side menu includes ”chicken vegetables”, a soup made with white miso, cabbage, kimchi, white rice, and miso soup.

In particular, you can choose with or without garlic for the miso sauce, which is the key to the taste.

There is also a wide selection of drinks, including oolong tea, juices, and alcoholic beverages.

From the left: ”Wakatori”,”Kimo,” and Seseri.” “Wakatori” has relatively soft flesh. You can enjoy the firm texture of thefemale”. ”Seseri” is also popular and has a delicious, plump texture, and may be sold out on some days.

I bake it myself and eat it. It needs to be thoroughly cooked, so be patient.


This is “Tori Yasai“. Chicken and vegetables are placed in a shallow pot, and the flavor is light and delicious.

Although it’s not shown in the picture, it’s hidden behind the chicken vegetables, but the miso soup is actually delicious! It’s flavorful and quite delicious with the chicken stock. What’s more, the fat from the chicken prevents you from getting cold, which is great for your body after touring in the winter.

There is another popular chicken yakiniku restaurant in Mie Prefecture. That is the “Kokekokko Republic“.
This place is also famous for its egg-cooked rice.

Maeshima Shokudo Information

Basic InfoMaeshima Shokudo
612-1 Okochicho, Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture
Business hours
Regular holidays
Telephone number
Parking available

Surrounding touring spots


Maejima Shokudo is a famous historical restaurant that served Japan’s first Matsusaka chicken yakiniku, and is a special place where you can experience its taste and history.

The simple menu, delicious miso sauce, and convenient access attract many people.

For Matsusaka chicken yakiniku lovers, Maejima Shokudo is a must-visit spot.

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