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Maruyama Senmaida, located in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture, is a little-known tourist spot that combines natural beauty and history.

This article provides a detailed introduction to Maruyama Senmaida’s natural beauty, history, conservation efforts, and ownership system.


Overview of “Maruyama Senmaida”

Maruyama Senmaida is a natural gem located in Kiwa Town, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture.

This place is known for the group of beautiful rice terraces that spread out on the southwest slope of Mt. Shirakura, and there are about 1,340 rice terraces spread out over a height difference of 160 meters.

These rice terraces are built using stone masonry, using a method commonly seen in western Japan.

Natural beauty of Maruyama Senmaida

Maruyama Senmaida fascinates visitors with its seasonal beauty. Fresh greenery covers the rice terraces in spring, rice planting season arrives in summer, and harvest time arrives in autumn.

This natural beauty is one of the attractive factors for tourists.

History and preservation activities of Maruyama Senmaida

Maruyama Senmaida has a long history, and although it is not known when it began to exist, a land survey was conducted during the time of Yukinaga Asano, and there were already 2,240 rice terraces in existence.

However, as time passed, factors such as mine closures and abandonment of cultivation came together, and the preservation of the rice terraces was at risk.

Therefore, local residents, led by the town mayor at the time, began preservation activities, and in 1993, the ”Maruyama Senmaida Preservation Society” was formed.

Currently, an ownership system has been introduced, and preservation activities are being carried out through interaction between tourists and local residents.

Owner system and experience

The Maruyama Senmaida ownership system is an important initiative to protect this beautiful place.

As an owner, you can experience farm work such as ridge painting, rice planting gatherings, and rice harvesting gatherings.

Additionally, you can receive new rice and local specialties, as well as discounts on lodging and hot spring bathing.

By becoming an owner, you can support these beautiful rice terraces and enjoy interacting with the local community.

Basic information about “Maruyama Senmaida”

InfoMaruyama Senmaida
 318 Maruyama, Kiwa-cho, Kumano-shi,
 Mie Prefecture
Business hours
 24 hours
Parking lot
 Parking available
 (Kumano City Hometown Promotion Corporation)
  (Kumano City Regional Development Division)

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