Izumidani Rice Terraces (Izumidani no Tanada): Beautiful rice field scenery in Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture│Ehime Japan


Overview and characteristics of Izumiya rice terraces

Izumidani Rice Terraces are located in Uchiko Town, Kita District, Ehime Prefecture, and are made up of 95 rice paddies spread out on a steep mountain slope. This place has been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Rice Terraces due to its beauty, and boasts a landscape worthy of its name.

The rice terraces are blessed with endless water all year round, and the highest quality rice is harvested.

What is especially beautiful is the scenery that spreads out from the stone rice terraces.

seasonal changes

If you visit the rice terraces of Izumiya in the summer, you will be greeted by a beautiful landscape of fresh greenery.
The green color is vivid and you can feel the vitality of the plants.

In autumn, the rice terraces of Izumiya become even more beautiful.
The golden scenery of the rice ears looks like a painting.
At dusk, the sight of the setting sun reflecting on the rice terraces turning them vermilion is a sight to behold.

Each season gives the rice terraces a new look, providing fun for visitors.

Basic information about Izumiya rice terraces

Basic InfoIzumiya rice terraces
 1167 Kitaomote-ko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun,
 3 spaces (free)
Phone number
 (Uchiko Town Visitor Center)

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Izumiya Rice Terraces are a beautiful rice field landscape located in Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture. Its beauty has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 terraced rice fields, and its seasonal scenery fascinates visitors.

Each season has a different charm, such as the fresh greenery of spring and summer, and the golden ears of rice and sunset in autumn.

Visit the rice terraces of Izumiya and enjoy the beauty of nature and the changing scenery of each season.

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