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Befu Gorge, which spreads out at the headwaters of the Monobe River in Tsurugiyama Quasi-National Park, attracts visitors with its beautiful scenery that changes in each season.

In this article, we will introduce the charm of Befu Gorge and why it is worth visiting.


Overview and characteristics of Befu Gorge

Beauty of autumn leaves

In autumn, Befu Gorge shines as a famous spot for autumn leaves.

The entire mountain is covered in colorful autumn leaves, and its beauty is exceptional.

Especially if you visit during the peak season of autumn leaves, you will feel as if you have wandered into a painting.
The contrast between the red and yellow trees and the clear stream is an unforgettable sight.

Walking courses and activities

There are well-maintained promenades around Befu Gorge, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

The walking route is dotted with points where you can enjoy the scenery of Befu Gorge from different angles.

Nearby spots

Befu Gorge Hot Spring

 452-8 Beppu, Mononobe-cho,
 Kami-shi, Kochi

Befu Gorge Campsite

 435-1 Beppu Shinomine,
  Mononobe-cho, Kami-shi, Kochi

Basic information about “Befu Gorge”

Basic InfoBefu Gorge
 Beppu, Monobe-cho, Kami City,
 Kochi Prefecture
 (Kami City Regional Promotion Team)
 (Kami City Information)

Restaurant search/reservation

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Surrounding touring spots


Befu Gorge is a paradise where the beauty of nature and the pleasure of hot springs coexist within Tsurugiyama Quasi-National Park.

Beautiful scenery spreads throughout the four seasons, providing a pleasant and soothing experience to visitors.

It is also known as a famous spot for autumn leaves, and the mountains are dyed with vivid colors in autumn, creating an overwhelming beauty.

Befu Gorge, where you can enjoy the pleasures of nature and hot springs at the same time, is one of the beautiful spots in Japan that is worth visiting.


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