Flower Land Kamifurano: Tour Hokkaido’s flower fields in Furano’s hidden gems│Hokkaido Japan

Flower Land Kamifurano” is one of Hokkaido’s most popular summer sightseeing spots.

Surrounded by the majestic nature of the Tokachidake mountain range, there are fields of colorful flowers.

In this article, we will introduce its charm and highlights.


Overview of “Flower Land Kamifurano”

Flower Land Kamifurano”, which spreads out on an open hill, is located in Kamifurano, on the north side of Furano.

It runs along National Route 237 and is located on a hill, so the panoramic view is spectacular.

Surprisingly, this tourist spot is free to enter and is worth a visit as it is one of the largest flower gardens in Furano.

When you enter the park, you will feel as if you have wandered into a story.

Surrounded by cute buildings and flower fields, the view overlooking the Tokachidake mountain range is breathtaking.

This is a moment where you can enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido.

Early summer charm

Flower Land Kamifurano” is a spot where you can enjoy the beauty of flower fields that change depending on the season.

Lupines are in full bloom in June, and their beauty is like a fairy tale.

June in Hokkaido is the best season for sightseeing as there is little precipitation.

Lupine flowers bloom in a variety of colors and are as beautiful as jewels.

It attracts visitors and creates a special time of the year.

You can enjoy the beauty of the flower fields along with Hokkaido’s refreshing early summer.

summer charm

In July, lavender becomes the star of Flower Land Kamifurano.

The sight of purple flowers spreading out all over is a sight to behold, and you can enjoy the flower fields by taking a walk or riding a tractor bus.

The lavender fields are relatively empty and can be enjoyed at your leisure, making for a relaxing moment.

The charm of summer to early autumn

From August to September, Flower Land Kamifurano is filled with colorful flower fields.

A variety of flowers such as salvias, dahlias, and zinnias bloom profusely, decorating the garden like a colorful carpet.

The dahlia flower garden is especially impressive, and you can see its beauty from the observation deck.

When you look down from the observation deck, you will see a magnificent flower garden, and its beauty is worth seeing.

September in Hokkaido is a little cool, and you can feel the transition from summer to autumn.

There are dynamic landscapes that are worth capturing in photos.


The joy of melons and food

When you visit Flower Land Kamifurano, you can taste Furano’s specialty melon.

Cut melons are available at reasonable prices and have perfectly ripe, sweet flesh that melts in your mouth.

Also, from July to September, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat melons, so you can enjoy Hokkaido’s delicious melons to your heart’s content.

Additionally, from early June to mid-June you can enjoy all-you-can-eat asparagus, and from mid-August to September you can also enjoy corn.

Reservations are required for all-you-can-eat, so we recommend making plans in advance.

Please enjoy the delicious food and the charm of the flower garden to the fullest.

Basic information about “Flower Land Kamifurano”

InfoFlowerland Kamifurano
 No. 27, West 5th Line, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
Business hours
 April : 9:00~16:00
 May-June : 9:00~17:00
 July-August : 9:00~18:00
 September-October : 9:00~17:00
 November : 9:00~16:00
 December-February : Closed
 March : 9:00~16:00
Regular holidays
 December to February
 Free admission
Parking lot
 Parking available

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Have a great trip with delicious food!

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