Anatoshi-Iso: A beautiful geopark in Sanriku, a hidden spot on the Goishi Coast│Iwate Japan

Anatoshi-Iso in Iwate Prefecture is one of the famous spots along the Goishi Coast. These are strangely shaped rocks formed by seawater erosion.


Overview and characteristics of “Anatoshi-Iso”

Anatoshi-Iso is part of the Goishi Coast, and is characterized by a rock with three holes (caves) created by seawater erosion.

This miraculous landform was formed over thousands of years, giving visitors a sense of its endless and eternal history.

There is also an observation deck that offers a panoramic view of Anatoshi-Iso and the beautiful ocean, and there is a covered space surrounding it, where you can spend a relaxing time. Next, I will explain about Goishi Coast, where Anatoshi-Iso is located.

What is Goishi Coast?

Goishi Coast is a 6km coastline at the southeastern tip of the Massaki Peninsula in Ofunato City.

This coast is part of a nature conservation area known as Sanriku Geopark, and is recognized as one of the best geosites in Japan due to its beauty and geological value.

The name Goishi Beach comes from the Goishi Beach located in the southeast of the coast, which is covered with black gravel that has been polished by the waves.

The area is dotted with rock formations, caves, and incredible landforms formed by saltwater erosion, adding to its natural beauty.

The Goishi Coast has been designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument, and its beautiful scenery and natural environment are strictly protected.

It has also been designated as one of Japan’s 100 best beaches and 100 best white sand and green pine trees, and is highly praised for its beauty.

Tourist boat at Anadoriiso

You can take a sightseeing boat to Anatoshi-Iso and pass through the cave. In addition toAnatoshi-Iso, you can also visit other famous spots along the Goishi Coast from the sea.

Goishi coast Anatoshi boat
2,500 yen per person
Required time
Approximately 40 minutes
Capacity/Number of ships
Approximately 7 people per boat / 6 boats
Operating period
June to November (Please inquire for Golden Week)

Basic information about “Anatoshi-Iso”

 Yamagishi, Suesaki-cho, Ofunato City,
 Iwate Prefecture
Parking lot
 Yes, large buses available
 (Goishikaigan Information Center)

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