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Entering Shikoku (Tokushima Prefecture) from Awaji Island in Japan, the recently opened “Kurukuru Nagato”, one of Shikoku’s largest roadside stations, offers a wide variety of gourmet food and souvenirs.

There is also a market for agricultural products.

Of course, the specialty is the Kaisen Zekkan-don,(Seafood rice bowl)” which we will introduce later.

There is also a space where children can play, so it is a spot you want to stop by.


Overview of “Roadside Station Kurukurunaru”

The whole roadside station Kuru Kururu Nagato seen from the motorcycle parking space.
Modern building. On the right is a building that sells produce.

On the left side of the building is a slide with artificial turf? Children were playing on a sled.

Looking up above it, there is something like a Tarzan rope.

No one was using it when I visited, so maybe it’s being prepared? I think.

In front of the main entrance, there was a huge monument of Naruto Kintoki (sweet potato).

The contrast between purple and yellow stands out.

Children were also playing in this monument and it was very popular.

I didn’t get the timing to take pictures without children.

Ouzu shokudo

I got there around 11am and there was a line.

There were still plenty of seats available, but the line continued to the ticket vending machine.

I think I was able to buy a meal ticket in about 15 minutes. There is a door around the right back where this image is standing, so that you can go outside.

When it’s crowded, the queues may extend outside.

Look at the menu while standing in line.

All of them look delicious. On this day, I had decided to have a “ Kaisen Zekkan-don(Seafood rice bowl)”, but my feelings waver.

They also sold medaka, which is popular now. It’s soothing to watch them swim with their small bodies.

Kaisen Zekkan-don(Seafood rice bowl)”

there was! Today’s main purpose is Kaisen Zekkan-don(Seafood rice bowl)”.

I’m a little intimidated by the notation that the total weight is 2 kg. If you eat with 3 people, it’s 666.6g/person. Well, you can eat it.

When you buy a meal ticket, the order will automatically go to the kitchen, so you can just find a seat and sit down. Separate from the main area, there was also a separate room with tables.

There is also a monitor there, and when it is completed, the number tag will be displayed on the monitor, so I didn’t notice it! I don’t think so.

“Kaisen Zekkan-don” is ready!

Since the number tag was displayed, I went to the counter.

Other menus are carried to the seat by yourself, but the store staff will carry this one.

Not only is it heavy, but it is also tall and unstable, so it would be a wise decision.

In addition, the taiko drums are played while the food is carried, so it’s a little embarrassing for other customers to pay attention to it. And it’s all the more because it’s two…

How they carry it (video)

I made a video of how it was brought to me.

If you look here, the situation is clear at a glance.

Not only is it heavy, but I’m worried that I might spill it if I carry it by myself.

Taiko is not only a performance, but by making other customers aware, it seems that collisions are avoided in advance.

Check the whole

A total weight of 2kg isn’t fair.
Overwhelming presence! It is gorgeous with sea urchin and salmon roe.

It is quite conspicuous, so the surrounding customers are also paying attention to it.

I can’t eat it while it’s stacked, so I’ll try arranging it for each stage first.

The center is hollow and arranged in a donut shape.

Even so, it is a great sense of volume.

Sashimi soy sauce and sesame sauce.

It was said that the sesame sauce should be used as a taste change.

Sashimi soy sauce is normal.

The sesame sauce was sweet and had a rich flavor of ground sesame, so I ate it mainly over wakame seaweed.

Real food

I took the first step out a little bit.
Like this, there is rice inside and sashimi is around. The rice was regular rice, not sushi rice. (Personally, I liked it better)

At first, I tried to eat them while they were stacked up, but they were still unstable, and the “slatted gridirons” on the floor moved!

We will switch to a strategy to disassemble the 3 steps into 3 early.

By doing so, you can eat each layer at the same time.

By moving the above-mentioned “slatted”, the green onions and shirasu will inevitably be scattered, and it will be a bad way to eat, but don’t worry about it. I just have to clean up at the end.
Each layer is different and very delicious, and there is dashi soup in front of the counter, so you can eat it with it. This is also delicious!

The cloudy soup has a rich taste, and you can enjoy it with just rice and soup, so please try it when you visit.

Other gourmet

It’s not just kaisendon. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy Western cuisine. Of course there was also dessert after dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop by because I was full from the seafood superb view bowl earlier.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, but there is a wide selection of souvenirs. There are many specialty products from all over Shikoku and Awaji. Seafood rice bowls in containers were also sold, so it was a bit of a wait when Oouzu Shokudo was crowded. I think it’s good to be here when you say. In fact, many people were sitting on benches outside and eating. It was a comfortable temperature, so I think it feels good to eat outside.

Basic information of “Roadside Station Kururukunato”

InfoRoadside Station Kurukurunato
 338-1 Bizenjima Kanita-no-Koshi, Otsu-machi, Naruto-shi,
 Tokushima Prefecture
Business hours
Regular holidays
 Open all year round

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