Saruhashi Bridge: Yamanashi’s Scenic Spot, Mysterious Hanebashi over the Katsura River│Yamanashi Japan


Located in Saruhashi-cho, Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, “Saruhashi Bridge” is a mysterious bridge over the Katsura River (Sagami River).

Due to its unique structure and beautiful natural scenery, it has been designated as a national scenic spot in Japan.

Saruhashi Bridge, where the technology of the Edo period and the harmony of nature are beautifully displayed, is a spot where you can enjoy history and beauty at the same time.


Characteristics and Overview of “Saruhashi Bridge”

Saruhashi Bridge, located in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, has fascinated many people with its unique Hanebashi structure and beautiful scenery.

During the Edo period, it was an important presence on the Koshu Highway as one of the “Three Strange Bridges of Japan”.

Saruhashi, where the technology and coexistence with nature are wonderfully combined, is truly a stage of history.

What is Hanebashi?

A type of bridge that existed in Japan during the Edo period.


30.9m long and 3.3m wide. 31m above the water surface.

There are no piers due to the deep valley.

Normally, a suspension bridge would be built, but in the Edo period, there was a construction method called Kashiwa Bridge, and this monkey bridge was made.

The technology and structure of the kabubashi bridge

The peculiar structure of Saruhashi Bridge is based on the form of “Hanebashi”.

Hanebashi is a condensed form of unique technology and ingenuity.

A hole is drilled in the bedrock, and the obliquely inserted “Hanegi” supports the upper structure, which is used to build the bridge.

Also, since there are no bridge piers, even if the water level of the river rises, it will not be affected.

This is possible because the river is narrow and the quay is high.

In addition, Saruhashi has a structure that protects it from corrosion due to rain by attaching a roof over the “Hanegi” and the horizontal pillars.

Scenery in harmony with nature


The area around the Katsura River where the Saruhashi Bridge is built is a spot surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Surrounded by cliffs, the scenery that can be seen from a high place is spectacular.

In particular, the cane trees add a unique flavor, and along with the historical background from the Edo period, enhance the beauty of the scenery. By visiting Saruhashi, you can feel harmony with nature.

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