Tategasaki: A scenic spot in Mie Prefecture, the place where Emperor Jimmu landed│Mie Japan

Introducing Tategasaki, a natural gem located in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture.

The rock formations located on this beautiful coast have fascinated many travelers with their unique topography, historical background, and mysterious scenery.

For nature lovers and those interested in history and culture, Tategasaki is a place worth visiting and can be enjoyed in all seasons.

So, let’s share a wonderful experience while immersing ourselves in the charm of Tategasaki.


Overview of “Tategasaki”

Tategasaki is a rock mass with a height of approximately 80 meters and a circumference of approximately 550 meters that rises on the north side of Nikishima Bay in Kumano City, located in Homo-cho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture.

This unique landform is mainly composed of basalt, with columnar joints developed within it, giving it the name Tategasaki because it looks like a shield lined up in the Kumano Sea.

On August 20, 1937, it was designated as a place of scenic beauty and a natural monument of Mie Prefecture, recognizing its beauty.

Tategasaki is also the legendary place where Emperor Jinmu is said to have landed. The history and mystical atmosphere of this place make it worth a visit.

Hiking and nature experience

Tategasaki Park has a promenade, and it takes 40 minutes one way to get to Tategasaki from National Route 311.

This promenade is lined with plants unique to Kumano, and special plants are marked with tree labels with explanations.

You can enjoy forest bathing here and learn about plants at the same time.

Along the promenade is Akoshi Shrine, which is also the setting for the Nikishima Festival (November 3rd), where you can experience tradition and history.

For hiking enthusiasts, Tategasaki is recommended as a hidden trail.

Sea cave and pleasure boat

There are beautiful sea caves along the coastline of Tategasaki, and their mysterious beauty captivates visitors.

Pleasure boats are also operated to view this scenery from the ocean, allowing you to enjoy Tategasaki from a new perspective.

It is best to check the cruise ship schedule and reservation information in advance.

Kumano City Tourism Organization
654-1 Idocho, Kumano City (inside the Kumano City Station Tourist Information Center)
Telephone number
0597-89-2229 (Kumano City Tourism Organization)

Nikijima Lighthouse

Amidst the magnificent natural beauty of Tategasaki, there is an important presence standing on the coastline.

That is Nikishima Lighthouse. This lighthouse is part of the Tategasaki Park and plays an important role in guiding visitors safely.

Basic information about “Tategasaki”

 Homocho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
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