A thrilling touring experience at the “Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge”│Ibaraki Japan

Ryujin Suspension Bridge” stands in the beautiful nature of Ibaraki Prefecture.

As you can imagine from its name, it is a powerful suspension bridge that looks like a dragon crossing the sky.

In this article, we will introduce the attractions of the Ryujin Suspension Bridge and points to consider when visiting it.


Scenery of Ryujin Suspension Bridge

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the mountains in Ibaraki Prefecture.

You will be one with the beautiful nature around you, and you will feel as if you are flying through the magnificent scenery.

Autumn leaves are especially beautiful, and you can enjoy different scenery depending on the season you visit.

On Children’s Day, koinobori (carp streamers) are set up to pray for the healthy growth of boys, which is a Japanese custom.

Thrilling suspension bridge experience

Ryujin Suspension Bridge has a thrilling spec of about 375 meters in total length and about 100 meters in height from the surface of the lake.

There are three “peepholes” on the bridge that allow you to look down.

You can enjoy the scenery from a high place while feeling the shaking when crossing the bridge. For active riders, it will be an exciting experience.

For those who are not satisfied with just crossing the bridge, you can also enjoy bungee jumping from the bridge. (Reservation required) See this site for details.

Touring in contact with nature

The area around the Ryujin Suspension Bridge is surrounded by beautiful nature, and you can feel the breath of nature while riding.

There is also a walking course before and after crossing the bridge, where you can refresh yourself while enjoying forest bathing and the murmuring of the stream.

local flavors and culture

The area around the Ryujin Suspension Bridge is dotted with restaurants and souvenir shops that use local ingredients.

It is also attractive to be able to take a break during the touring while touching the local taste and culture.

Basic Information of Ryujin Suspension Bridge

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge can be accessed by car or public transportation.

Before visiting, check the latest information on the official website and prepare for a safe visit.

NameRyujin Suspension Bridge
 2133-6 Tenkanocho, Hitachiota City,
 Ibaraki Prefecture
Business hours
*Reception is until 16:40.
*Passage may be restricted due to strong winds, lightning, etc.
Adults: 320 yen Elementary and junior high school students: 210 yen
*Group discount available for 30 people or more

SNS posting(#竜神大吊橋)

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