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Oni no Shita Burui is a mysterious gorge located in Okuizumo Town, Shimane Prefecture.
The origin of its name is related to an ancient legend.


Overview and characteristics of Oni no Shita Burui

Oni no Shita Burui is a mysterious gorge located in Okuizumo Town, Shimane Prefecture.

It is located upstream of the Omaki River, a tributary of the Hii River, and is characterized by its beautiful V-shaped valley.

This beautiful natural place was designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument in 1927.

geography and ecology

This beautiful canyon is composed of coarse-grained biotite granite and was formed by years of natural erosion.

The countless potholes and huge rocks at the bottom of the gorge create a unique landscape, providing a mysterious sight to visitors.

In addition, the area has a rich natural environment with well-known clear rivers that are home to fish such as the Japanese dace and Japanese dace, as well as birds such as the wood cicada and river crow.

Nature walk along the boardwalk

Oni no Shita Burui has a walking path for visitors to enjoy this beautiful natural environment.

In 2013, the 45m high and 160m long “Shita Burui Koi Suspension Bridge” and a barrier-free promenade were opened, making it accessible to wheelchair users.

While walking these trails, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and observe birds and fish.

Oni no Shita Burui is a great place to enjoy activities in harmony with nature.

Literary ties

Oni no Shita Burui is also an important place in literature. Akiko Yosano and her husband Tetsuki visited this place in 1930 and were impressed by its beauty. They wrote poems about this visit, and their poems are collected in “Hekiunsho.”

Basic information about “Oni no Shita Burui”

InfoOni no Shita Burui
Mitsunariune, Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Business hours
Parking lot
Yes (large bus possible)
0854-54-2260 (Okuizumo Town Tourism Association)
RemarksPlease refrain from entering during the snowy season as snow removal is not carried out.

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