Spectacular view points in Wakayama Prefecture! The charm of Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge and Yahoo Point│Wakayama Japan

There are two attractive spots in the beautiful natural scenery of Hatsuyugawa, Hidakagawa-machi, Wakayama Prefecture: Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge and Yahoo Point.

Visit the Hatsuyukawa district of Hidakagawa Town in Wakayama Prefecture to enjoy the beauty of nature and a refreshing experience.


Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge

Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge is a beautiful suspension bridge that spans over Tsubakiyama Dam Lake.

Tsubakiyama Dam Lake is known for its beauty, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the water and the beauty of nature.

Walking along the Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge, you can enjoy spectacular views of the lake’s crystal clear water and the surrounding mountains.

Yahoo Point

Yahoo Point is located near the suspension bridge that spans the Hatsuyu River, and is a spot where you can enjoy the sounds of the mountains.

Enjoying Yahoo Points is quite simple.

To scream as loud as you can. Then, the mountain bike returns from the shore of the lake surrounded by beautiful mountains.

You can cry out the stress you have on a daily basis and the wishes hidden in your heart, and clear and purify your mind.

Spend a luxurious time enjoying the soothing sounds of nature.

Basic information about Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge and Yahoo Point

Basic InfoTsubakiyama Lake Bridge Yahoo Point
Hatsuyukawa, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama Prefecture

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Surrounding touring spots


Yahoo Point and Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge, located in Hatsuyukawa, Hidakagawa-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, are the perfect places to enjoy natural beauty and heart-warming experiences.

Release your heart’s cry at Yahoo Point and listen to the sounds of the mountains.
Then, relax in nature while enjoying the beautiful view of the dam lake at Tsubakiyama Lake Bridge.

Visit the Hatsuyukawa district of Hidakagawa Town and fully enjoy the natural charm of Wakayama Prefecture. Add it to your next touring plan.

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