Chokai Blue Line: A great touring spot overlooking the majestic Sea of Japan│Yamagata/Akita Japan

The Chokai Blue Line is one of the most impressive mountain sightseeing roads in Japan.

In this article, let’s explore its beauty and charm.


Overview and characteristics of Chokai Blue Line

The Chokai Blue Line is a mountain road with a total length of 34.9 kilometers that connects Fukiura, Yuza Town, to the 5th station of Mt. Chokai, and then to Zogata, Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture.
Its roads offer spectacular views of the Sea of Japan, making it an attractive destination for touring enthusiasts.

The Chokai Blue Line has many hairpin curves, making it difficult to drive fast, but the road surface is in very good condition and can be ridden comfortably.
However, some parts of the road are closed during the winter and are impassable from early November to early April, so please keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Road characteristics and scenery

The Chokai Blue Line is a mountain sightseeing road that rises from sea level to 1,100 meters in one go, and you can enjoy amazing natural beauty along the way.
A drive between Yamagata and Akita prefectures, with the Sea of Japan in the background and the beautiful scenery of Mt. Chokai, is a dream-like experience for many people.

This road runs along Mt. Chokai, and especially from the 5th station of Mt. Chokai, you can get a magnificent view of the Sea of Japan.

From this point, you can see the Shonai Plain, the Sea of Japan, and Tobishima in the distance, and on clear days, it is also a spectacular spot where you can see all the way from Sado Island to the Oga Peninsula.

In addition, there are mountain huts and restaurants such as Ohira Sanso National Lodge near the 4th station on the Yamagata Prefecture side, and Hokotate Sanso and Inakura Sanso at the 5th station on the Akita Prefecture side, which can be used as a base for mountain sightseeing.

Mt. Chokai Hokodate Observation Deck
Kotaki, Zogata-cho, Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture(MAP)

16 Rakan Rocks
Fukiura Nishitate, Yusa Town, Akumi District, Yamagata Prefecture(MAP)

Basic information about “Chokai Blue Line”

InfoChokai Blue Line
 Yuza Town, Yamagata Prefecture –
 Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture
 Chokai Sanhokodate Observation Deck parking lot available
RemarksClosed for the winter from early November to late April every year

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