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Tashirotai Wetland is a hidden gem of Aomori’s natural beauty.

Tashiro Wetland is a place where Aomori’s beautiful nature and history intersect, and the charm of each season provides excitement and healing to those who visit.


Overview and characteristics of Tashirotai Wetland

Tashirotai Wetland is a high-rise wetland located in Tashiro, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture.

A caldera lake created by volcanic activity on Mt. Hakkoda has turned into a wetland due to wetland succession, and is the largest area of the Hakkoda Mountains, which has many wetlands.

Even if the plants in this wetland wither, they do not completely decompose due to the cool climate, resulting in a layer of peat that accumulates in the form of organic matter.

Tashirotai Wetland is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of each season, with cotton lily flowers covering the area in spring, and beautiful temperate water lilies blooming in summer. In autumn, the wetlands are colored with autumn leaves and autumn flowers, and in winter, the snowy landscape spreads out.

This wetland is designated as a natural monument by Aomori City and is a place worth visiting for nature lovers.

Basic information about “Tashirotai Wetland”

InfoTashirotai Wetland
 Komagome Fukasawa, Aomori City,
 Aomori Prefecture

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