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Overview of “Roadside Station Kumano/Itaya Kurobei no Sato”

Roadside Station Kumano Itaya-Kurobe-no-Sato is a roadside station located on National Route 311 in Itaya, Kiwa-cho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture.

This location was newly built and maintained next to Kumano City Kiwa B&G Marine Center, and a roadside station was added and opened at the same time as the existing Kiwa Community Center was renovated.

What is “Itaya Kurobei”?

This is the origin of “Itaya Kurobei” in the station name.

Itaya Kurobei refers to a village headman who was loved by residents during the Edo period.

He served as the headman of Itaya village during the Edo period, which prospered as a mining industry.

He was a bossy man with a strong sense of duty and humanity, and his character of saving the weak and discouraging the strong earned him tremendous trust from the villagers.

His grave is located on a small hill within Itayachi, and it is said that if you touch his grave, your wish will come true.

Basic information about “Roadside Station Kumano/Itaya Kurobei no Sato”

InfoRoadside Station Kumano/Itaya Kurobei no Sato
 82 Itaya, Kiwacho, Kumano City,
 Mie Prefecture
Business hours
 Weekdays: 10:00 – 16:00
 Saturdays, Sundays, and
 holidays: 10:00 – 17:00
Regular holidays
Closed: 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month (excluding August)
Parking lot
 Parking available

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