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Bikkuri-ya“‘, a yakiniku restaurant located in Sekicho, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture, suddenly gained attention after being featured on the Japanese TV program PS Gold”.

This shop is jointly run by four brothers, and it is known that the uniqueness of the four brothers has made it popular and has become a tourist destination and idol.

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Overview and features of “Bikkuri-ya”

“Bikkuri-ya” is a yakiniku restaurant located in Sekicho, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture.

The store, which is located in a vast parking lot, has large letters that say “Bikkuri-ya” written on it, and its individuality can be seen from the exterior.

4 famous brothers

There are four brothers who run this place. From left: eldest son Shinji, second son Osamu, third son Takaharu, and fourth son Eiji.

These four brothers are famous in the local area, appearing on posters for the Nagoya City Fire Department and selling merchandise.


Bikkkuri-ya’s menu includes a wide variety of side menus such as udon and oyakodon in addition to yakiniku.

Write your desired menu on the paper at the table and place your order.

Order yakiniku

The table seats are netted and the tatami mat seats are “teppanyaki”.

If you want to eat miso-yaki udon, please reserve a tatami-style seat.

Kameyama specialty “Miso Yaki Udon”

Kameyama’s specialty, “Misoyaki Udon”, is only available at the teppanyaki tatami seating area. (Due to the grid on the tables, the udon noodles cannot be grilled.) You can orderudon balls” separately and grill them together to make “miso-yaki udon”.

Iron plate

The iron plate is the type that rests on a tabletop and is flat all the way to the edges. So, if you cook on top, it will drip from the edges, but don’t worry about it.

Basic information about “Bikkuri-ya”

 1462 Shinsho, Sekimachi, Kameyama City,
 Mie Prefecture
Business hours
 [Tuesday-Saturday] 10:00-22:00
 [Sun] 10:00-21:00
Regular holidays
 Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Parking lot
 Large parking lot available
Telephone number

SNS posting(#びっくりや)

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Surrounding touring spots


Bikkuri-ya“‘ in Kameyama City is a yakiniku restaurant run by four unique brothers, and has gained a reputation for its uniqueness and delicious food.

The variety of fresh meat, the carefully selected (?) menu, and the homely atmosphere provide visitors with an enjoyable time.

Also, its proximity to Kameyama City’s tourist spots is one of its attractions, and you can enjoy delicious Yakiniku while enjoying the charm of the area, so be sure to visit.

Let’s spend a delicious time at “Bikkuri-ya”‘, which is made with the passion of the four brothers.

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