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Overview of Ushibuka Haiya Bridge

Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge is a scenic spot in Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

The 883m long bridge is also a symbol of Ushibuka Port.

This bridge is the longest in Kumamoto Prefecture, and also functions as a harbor road, allowing you to enjoy the scenery from the pedestrian path that is separated by height and height.

Famous architects and engineers were involved in the design, and the design is based on the concept of a single line floating on the sea, in harmony with nature.

The Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge is also characterized by its technological innovations, such as wind shielding plates and curved lower flanges to suppress vibrations caused by wind.

This bridge was constructed as part of the Kumamoto Artpolis project and is recognized as a representative building in the area. Another interesting feature is that the name comes from ”Ushibuka Haiya Bushi”, the origin of Haiya Bushi.

Connection with Shimosujima

Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge and Shimosujima are connected by a loop structure with a branch intersection in the center of the bridge.

This bridge is not just a junction, but an important transportation hub connecting Shimosushima and the Ushibuka area. By passing through the Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge, you can now easily travel between Shimosujima and the Ushibuka area.

When you cross the Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge from the Shimosu Island side, the road branches off due to the loop structure of the bridge, allowing you to head towards the Ushibuka area.

Through this bridge, exchanges between Shimosu Island and the Ushibuka region are promoted, and ties between the regions are strengthened.

Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge not only improves accessibility between regions, but also contributes to the promotion of tourism and exchange.

Light up

Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge shines every winter with special events. During this event, known as ”Amakusa Romantic Fantasy”, Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge is lit up, creating a magical atmosphere.

The view of the illuminated bridge is impressive and enveloped in a romantic atmosphere.

Basic information about “Ushibuka Haiya Bridge”

InfoUshibuka Haiya Bridge
 3437 Ushibuka-cho, Amakusa City,
 Kumamoto Prefecture
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Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge is located in Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and with a length of 883 meters, it is the pride of the region as the longest bridge in Kumamoto Prefecture.

This bridge, with its distinctive design and technical ingenuity, provides a beautiful landscape in harmony with nature, and every winter, a fantastic illumination event is held to attract visitors.

Ushibuka Haiya Ohashi Bridge is an attractive spot for tourists and is gaining popularity as a walking path where you can enjoy the scenery from the pedestrian path.

As a building based on the Artpolis project, it is known as a symbolic tourist attraction in Kumamoto Prefecture and is well worth a visit.

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