Kuromon Market: Enjoy the taste of Osaka in a free style such as walking around and eating at food stalls: Osaka Japan

Kuromon Market (Kuromon Ichiba) is known as Osaka’s food treasure trove, with many fresh fish shops, and is now a world-famous tourist destination.

In this article, we’ll explore the charms of Kuromon Market and explain why it’s worth a visit.


Overview and characteristics of Kuromon Market

Kuromon Market (Kuromon Ichiba) is located in Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, and is a market and shopping street that spreads across the Nihonbashi area.

This market is centered on one street east of Sakaisuji, and has about 150 to 160 stores lined up in an arcade street about 580 meters long.

Dining experience at Kuromon Market

Part of Kuromon Market’s appeal is that it offers a dream dining experience for gourmet lovers.

At various shops within the market, you can enjoy sushi and sashimi made with fresh ingredients, charcoal-grilled seafood, skewers, sweets, and more.

In particular, food stall-style meals that can be prepared and eaten on the spot are very popular with tourists.


When you select and purchase a piece of fish, the service will make your sushi right in front of you.

There were many people taking pictures because it was so popular.

Abundant ingredients lined up in the shopping street

A wide variety of ingredients are lined up in front of each store.

In most cases, you can order food and it will be prepared on the spot, so you can eat it right away.

You can of course eat while walking, but there are also tables at each store that you can use.

Enjoy food stall-style or while walking

There is also a money exchange machine and restroom, so you don’t have to worry.

Inside Kuromon Market, there are public toilets located in buildings with souvenir and eat-in spaces, so don’t worry.

There is also a foreign currency exchange machine there.

Kuromon market information

infonKuromon market
 2-chome Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,
 Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Business hours
 9:00-18:00 (varies by store)
Parking lot
 Use nearby paid parking lots
RremarksPublic toilet (1 location) and money exchange machine available

Restaurant search/reservation

Have a great trip with delicious food!

Surrounding touring spots


At Kuromon Market, you can enjoy fresh seafood and seafood.

With street food food options and access to locally sourced ingredients, there are many exciting experiences for tourists.

Furthermore, it is attracting attention as a tourist spot and attracts many tourists from Japan and abroad. It has been cited as a successful example of dealing with foreign tourists and inbound consumption, and its popularity is increasing year by year.

When visiting Osaka, be sure to enjoy Kuromon Market’s charming dining experiences and tourist attractions.

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