Bandai Azuma Skyline: Spectacular mountain drive in Fukushima│Fukushima Japan

Bandai Azuma Skyline is a hidden gem where you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Fukushima Prefecture.

This mountain expressway is a wonderful 28.7 km long road that runs from Fukushima City’s Tsuchiyu Pass through Jododaira to Takayu Onsen, and is surrounded by magnificent scenery and rich nature.

In this article, we will explore the charm of Bandai Azuma Skyline and introduce in detail its history, geographical features, tourist activities, etc. Let’s set off on a journey to fully enjoy the beautiful nature of Fukushima Prefecture.


Overview of Bandai Azuma Skyline

Bandai Azuma Skyline is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of Fukushima Prefecture.

This mountain expressway traverses the Azuma mountain range, from Takayu Onsen in Fukushima City to Joudodaira and on to Tsuchiyu Pass, where you can enjoy wonderful scenery.

This road, which used to be a toll road, is also commonly known as the Bandai Azuma Skyline, with a total length of 28.7 km and an average elevation of 1,350 m.

Geography and landscape

Bandai Azuma Skyline is located within Bandai Asahi National Park and offers a spectacular view.

From the side of the road, you can see the Zao Mountain Range, Mt. Adachitara, Mt. Bandai, etc., and the surrounding area is surrounded by a variety of nature such as craters, lakes, marshes, and wetlands.

At the lower elevations, trees grow thick and deep forests spread out, but as you move up to the higher elevations, dead trees become more noticeable, and near the top of the mountain, a desolate landscape with exposed rock faces spreads out.

The highest point is 1,622 m above sea level, and the difference in altitude from Takayu Onsen is about 850 m.


Jododaira is an area with particularly impressive scenery, being a desolate volcanic wasteland where volcanic gas spews out.

A parking area has been set up at Jododaira, and it is used as a base for hiking and mountain climbing sightseeing at Azuma Kofuji and Mt.

From this road, you can enjoy eight scenic spots known as the ”Azuma Eight Views”.

Jododaira Rest House
Washikura Mountains, Tsuchiyu Onsen Town, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture (MAP)
Business hours
Closed days
Mid-November to early April

Bandai Azuma Skyline is also an attractive spot for mountaineers.

The Joudodaira parking area is used as a base for hiking and mountain climbing, and is also used as a base for mountain climbing and hiking at Azuma Kofuji and Mt.

Fudosawa Bridge

At the time of its construction, Fudosawa Bridge was known as the highest road bridge in Japan.

It was initially constructed as a second-class bridge, but in order to cope with increased traffic volume and larger vehicles, additional girders were installed and the deck was repaired.

However, due to exposure to the harsh natural environment of alpine and volcanic regions, the concrete developed cracks and defects due to frost damage.

After that, a rebuilding project began in 1996, and the bridge was built 100 meters downstream.

A steel arch bridge was chosen as the bridge type, and it also provides an excellent view of the Bandai-Asahi National Park.

Additionally, due to environmental considerations, special coatings and reinforced concrete foundations were applied.

Currently, the approach road of the old bridge on the Fukushima city side of Fudosawa Bridge has been abolished and has been renovated into the Tsubakuro Valley parking lot and observatory, making it a great spot from which to view the entire Fukushima Basin.

This bridge, located halfway along the Bandai Azuma Skyline, represents a pride of natural beauty and engineering, and is one of the spots worth stopping by.

Free admission and tourism recovery measures

In 2013, Bandai Azuma Skyline was permanently opened for free. This decision was implemented as part of tourism recovery measures in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

After the free opening, tourists will be provided with various services and facilities, and the period of road use will also be set.

It is closed to traffic, especially in the winter, so please be careful when planning your visit.

Basic information about “Bandai Azuma Skyline”

InfoBandai Azuma Skyline
 1 Washikurayama, Tsuchiyu Onsen Town,
 Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
 (Jododaira Rest House)
Opening period
 Early April to mid-November
 *Closed in winter

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