Aizuhan School Nisshinkan: The charm and history of Nisshinkan, the proud educational institution of the Aizu Clan│Fukushima Japan

Aizuhan School School Nisshinkan was the proud domain school of the Aizu Clan, and had a deep influence on the history of Japanese education and martial arts.

In this article, let’s explore the history and overview of Nisshinkan.


Overview of “Aizuhan School Nisshinkan”

Planning for the Nisshinkan began in 1798 at the suggestion of Genzai Tanaka, a chief retainer of the Aizu clan.

In 1803, a school building was completed on the site to the west of Aizuwakamatsu Castle, complete with a training ground, said to be Japan’s oldest swimming pool, and an observatory.

Nisshinkan was an elite educational institution where only the children of samurai of the Aizu clan could enroll, and they entered the school from the age of 10 and studied etiquette, calligraphy, martial arts, etc. until the age of 15. I also studied various specialized subjects through electives.

Nissinkan’s history includes many famous alumni who left their mark on Japanese history.

Decline and restoration of Nisshinkan

Although the Nisshinkan school building was destroyed by fire during the Boshin War in 1868, materials related to the domain school remained.

Based on this, the Nisshinkan was completely restored in Aizuwakamatsu City in 1987 at a total construction cost of 3.4 billion yen.

The modern Nisshinkan has many functions, including a museum, dojo, training facility, accommodation facility, and film studio, and is frequently used by martial arts groups.

Basic information about “Aizuhan School Nisshinkan”

InfoAizuhan School Nisshinkan
 10 Takatsukayama, Minamikoya,
 Kawato-cho, Aizuwakamatsu City,
 Fukushima Prefecture
Business hours
 Adult: 850 yen
 Middle and high school students: 550 yen
 Elementary school students: 500 yen
 *Group and disability discounts available.
Parking lot
 Parking available

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