Exploring the Sado Gold Mine: A trip through Japan’s mining heritage│Niigata Japan

Sado Gold Mine is a treasure of Niigata Prefecture.

Gold and silver mines are scattered throughout the area, and the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine in particular is attracting attention due to its size and history.

There are four major gold and silver mines, and tourism development is progressing.

In this article, we will introduce the general overview, history, and major mines of the Sado Gold Mine, and focus on the attractive sights and historic sites of the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine.

Let’s go on a journey through Japan’s mining heritage.


Overview and characteristics of Sado Gold Mine

Sado Gold Mine is a complex of valuable mines located on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture.

This region is rich in gold and silver deposits, has a long history, and has attracted many miners and tourists from all over Japan.

The Sado Gold Mine is dotted with four major mines, of which the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine is the most notable, and the term ”Sado Gold Mine” generally refers to the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine.

This area has been designated as a national historic site and important cultural property, and is well-equipped with tourist facilities, making it well worth a visit.


Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine tourist spots

The Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine is a place where some of the most attractive sightseeing spots among the Sado Gold Mines are gathered.

Below are the main tourist attractions to visit at Aikawa Gold and Silver Mines.

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