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Soni Plateau, located in Nara Prefecture, is a plateau known for its beautiful scenery that is covered with pampas grass in autumn.

Please come and visit Soni Plateau.


Overview and characteristics of Soni Plateau

Soni Plateau, located in Nara Prefecture, is a plateau known for its beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons.

This plateau is located within the Murou Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park and spreads out at the foot of Mt. Kurosoyama and Mt. Kameyama.
The 38-hectare plateau, located at an altitude of 700 meters, is subject to mountain burning in the spring, and is covered in pampas grass in the fall.

This vast plateau that spreads out at the foot of Mt. Kurosoyama is particularly beautiful in autumn.

The view from Mt.Kurosoyama, one of the 300 famous mountains in Japan, is covered in pampas grass and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Soni Plateau from spring to summer


In spring, mountain burning is carried out, and the grass in the meadows grows new.

In summer, the entire plateau becomes a grassland, and from spring to summer it becomes a carpet of fresh greenery.

A walk in nature while feeling the refreshing breeze is the best relaxing spot.

Soni Plateau in autumn

In autumn, the entire area is covered with pampas grass, creating a beautiful landscape that looks like a carpet.

The spikes of pampas grass begin to appear in mid-September and turn golden in color by late November.

The pampas grass turns into silver waves in the sunlight during the day, and at dusk, the golden glow gives a feeling of strength and gentleness at the same time.

This landscape provides visitors with emotional moments.

Spectacular views from Kurosoyama and Kameyama

From Soni Plateau, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Mt. Kurosoyama (1,038 meters above sea level) and Mt. Kameyama (849 meters above sea level).

From the top of the mountain, you can see a panoramic view of the Soni Plateau covered with pampas grass, and the mountains of Nara spread out in the distance.

Soni Kogen Farm Garden

Soni Kogen Farm Garden opened as a highland resort in Nara Prefecture, and is loved by many people as a place to enjoy nature and delicious food. It is located on the side of the road heading towards Soni Plateau, so we recommend stopping by at the same time.

Susukino Yakata” is the main house of the farm garden, and a tourist information center and beer brewery “Mugi no Yakata” are also attached.

Here you can enjoy original beer and dishes made with fresh, locally grown vegetables, as well as specialty products for sale. The park has an herb garden, a yuzu farm, a mulberry field, and more, so you can fully enjoy the refreshing highland air.

Location839 Taraji, Soni Village, Uda District
business hours10:00-18:00
(shortened during winter)
Regular holidayHolidays: Wednesdays (open on public holidays, closed the next day), year-end and New Year holidays
(Soni Kogen Farm Garden)

Information on Soni Plateau

Basic InfoSoni Plateau
 Taraji, Soni Village, Uda District,
 Nara Prefecture
Parking lot
 ・150 spaces
  (Noguchi parking lot) 1 minute walk
 ・150 spaces
 (Soni Kogen Farm Garden) 15 minutes walk
 (Soni Village Tourism Association)

Restaurant search/reservation

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Surrounding touring spots


The Soni Plateau offers seasonal attractions, with fresh greenery created by mountain burning in the spring and summer, and grasslands covered in pampas grass in the fall.

Especially in autumn, the scenery of pampas grass and the magnificent view from Mt. Kurosoyama and Mt. Kameyama fascinates visitors, and many tourists visit this area.

It is one of the spots worth visiting in Nara Prefecture. Visit this plateau and enjoy its beauty and charm to the fullest, as it shows a different face each season.

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