Roadside Station Miyama: A hidden gem along National Route 42, a charming roadside station with beautiful scenery│Mie Japan


Overview of “Roadside Station Miyama”

Roadside Station Miyama is located in Kihoku-cho, Mie Prefecture, and is a popular roadside station on National Route 42.

This facility was established in cooperation with Kihoku Town and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and has facilities such as rest areas, information provision, and parking.

It is convenient to visit and is located on National Highway 42, making it easy to access by car.

In addition, it is surrounded by the natural environment of Kihoku Town, with mountains and rivers nearby.

Roadside Station Kaizan also has an information corner offering local specialties and tourist information, making it a convenient base for tourists.

Facilities and specialty products

Roadside Station Miyama offers a variety of facilities to its visitors.

In particular, there is a direct sales store for specialty products, which also functions as a place to support local agricultural products.

There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes made with local ingredients.

Basic information about “Roadside Station Miyama”

InfoRoadside Station Miyama
 1439-3 Aiga, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun,
 Mie Prefecture
Business hours
Parking lot
 Parking available

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