Nichien Momiji Line: Enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves on an autumn journey in Tochigi│Tochigi Japan

This is a 28km long sightseeing road that connects Kinugawa Onsen and Shiobara Onsen.If you want to enjoy autumn in Japan, this drive is perfect.


Overview and characteristics of the Nichien Momiji line

The Nichien Momiji Line is a 28-kilometer sightseeing road that connects Kinugawa Onsen and Shiobara Onsen, and is known as a famous spot for autumn leaves.

There are many spots to stop along the way, such as Taikodoshi Falls and Shirataki Falls, where you can enjoy nature to the fullest.

In particular, from the observation deck at Fujimidai, you can see Kirifuri Plateau and even Mt. Fuji in the distance on a clear day, so you can enjoy a piece of the spectacular view.

Fujimidai observation deck

Fujimidai observation deck
Kawaji Onsen Kogen, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture(MAP)

Best time to see autumn leaves

During the fall foliage season (approximately mid-October to mid-November), the trees along the roadside are bright red, orange, and yellow, with maples, maples, beech, wigs, birches, oaks, rowan, mountain sumac, larch, and ivy. The scenery is just like a painting.

Basic information about “Nissio Momiji Line”

Basic InfoNichien Momiji Line
 Tochigi Prefecture Kinugawa Onsen – Shiobara Onsen approximately 28km
Telephone number
 (Nikko City Tourism Association)
RemarksNichien Momiji Line will be free of charge from December 11, 2020

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Surrounding touring spots


Nichien Momiji Line is the perfect place to enjoy autumn in Japan.

It’s an attractive spot for a variety of travelers, including nature lovers, fall foliage lovers, and driving enthusiasts.

This season is filled with beautiful scenery and the magic of autumn leaves, so be sure to take a trip along the Nichien Momiji Line and enjoy the joys of autumn to the fullest.

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