Riders Cafe ZERO-BASE: An attractive cafe with fresh ingredients and vast grounds to enjoy in Miyama Town, rich in nature│Kyoto


Riders Cafe ZERO-BASE

Riders Cafe ZERO-BASE in Miyama Town is a spot where you can fully enjoy the charm of the local area, as a place to enjoy nature and food on a vast site.

In addition, we have a variety of play equipment, motorcycle washes, tools, etc., and you can also do simple maintenance.

Meal menu

In addition to our special curry rice (large serving sizes available), we also offer a variety of menu items, including drinks and meals, such as toast sets and pasta with meat sauce.

Basic information about “Riders Cafe ZERO-BASE”

InfoRiders Cafe ZERO-BASE
 1-1 Shimoan, Nagao, Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto
Business hours
Regular holidays
 Irregular holidays
 Closed in winter (January and February)
Parking lot
 Parking available

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Riders Cafe ZERO-BASE in Miyama Town is a cafe with a rich natural environment, fresh ingredients, and a variety of play equipment.

We provide visitors with a space where they can relax while feeling the charm of the local area, and spend a luxurious time admiring the beautiful scenery.

Why not spend a pleasant time at this cafe, located in an easily accessible location and surrounded by nature?

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